Web Application


Jackson "Bajheera" Bliton - Self-Project




NodeJS.   HTML5.   CSS3.   JavaScript.   MySQL.

I created a backend NodeJS system that allows donors to include different hashtags in their donations in support for two different teams. The NodeJS app tracks the amount of donated to either side automatically, as well as providing API URLs that are called by a chatbot to show the current status of the “fight”. In addition to the backend I connected it to a frontend which is a web generated graphic which dynamically goes back and forth to either side whenever a donation with a hashtag occurs. This graphic is then displayed on the streamers screen.

Initially I was not expecting much from this fun project but it proved to be very popular and greatly increased the amount of donations the streamer, Jackson “Bajheera” Bliton, received daily. Bliton, a full-time streamer averaging 800 concurrent viewers, currently receives the most donations in relation to viewer count out of any streamer. I plan on expanding this idea to an external customer base allowing any streamer to sign-up for my service and display the graphic.