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Self-Side Project - Bajheera




NodeJS.   TwitchPS.

Chatbots are an interesting new field that has evolved the way that content creators/companies can interact with their viewers. You can find chatbots on Facebook Messenger like Paypal which send you receipts, as well as answer simple questions that you ask it. There are also chatbots for Slack, and other social media platforms such as Twitter, and TwitchTV. I created this chatbot for TwitchTV to welcome subscribers, as well as resubscribers with custom messages depending on what channel the event took place.

Currently the bot is only privately available, being deployed in a streamer's chat named "Bajheera" to welcome new subscribers, as well as returning subscribers with custom messages. It also has custom messages that are posted in the chat whenever someone cheers, with different text for different cheer (donation) amounts, as well as cheer lifetime totals. The bot allows for moderators of the channel to create new commands. In addition to that there are commands that allow the streamer to reset my fight&fusion web app.